Established in 1963, this organization of approximately 130 men and women provides volunteers at nine stations throughout the medical center. They answer questions for visitors and patient families and help direct visitors to patient rooms and/or service areas within the medical center.

Auxilians have complete responsibility of day-to-day operation for the St. Bernards Gift Shop, including purchasing stock and staffing the shop. Each year the Auxiliary provides tens of thousands of dollars for nursing and healthcare scholarships and contributes financial resources to needs identified by medical center administrative leadership. They also organize and support the summer Junior Volunteer program.

To date, Auxilians have contributed more than $1.5 million to the medical center for purchasing special equipment, like a VeinViewer to assist in establishing intravenous access to patients with hard-to-access veins, and a Heart Start Defibrillator/Monitor for the St. Bernards Cardiac Rehab area. In addition, funds generated by the Auxiliary have been used to furnish waiting areas at the medical center.